The Radnor ABC Program is self-supporting and managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. It takes over 100 community volunteers including individuals, businesses and foundations for the success of this program and we could not succeed without them. We also appreciate our supporters who bring meals, help scholars with the college-application process, drive scholars and perform many other tasks. Please take a moment to review the volunteer opportunities below. If you would like to donate your time in other ways, please contact us to discuss more!

If you’re interested in becoming a committee member, please send inquiries to:

  • Student Life
  • Building & Grounds
  • Academics
  • Capital Campaign
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Fundraising
  • Admissions and Student Selection

Host Families

Host Families are special people with the desire and strong commitment to welcome a Radnor A Better Chance scholar into their homes as members of their families. Host families are expected to create a safe and comfortable environment for scholars.

Through Host Families, the scholars are given a “home away from home.” An opportunity to experience the community by participating in normal everyday family activities – from chores to social functions. This broadens the scholars’ experiences and often builds lasting relationships that become life-long friendships.

Every scholar in the Radnor ABC House has a host family. This family is typically a member of the Radnor Community and usually has a student of the same gender who attends Radnor High School. The Radnor ABC scholar typically spends every other Sunday, from 1pm – 7 pm, with their host family. It can be an enriching and rewarding experience for families and scholars alike.

Thank you to our Host Families:

  • Karen and Zach Conen
  • Kathy and John Dougherty
  • Elizabeth and Bill Marino
  • Mike and Julie Morris
  • Rachel and Roy Rosin
  • Karen and David Solomon
  • Caroline and Ted Stueck
  • Rachel and Marc Sule
  • Maura and Doug Wheeler

Please email for more information about the host family program. This is a four-year commitment and requires background clearances.

Academic Mentors

Each scholar has an Academic Mentor who acts in loco parentis (in the place of a parent). The Academic Mentor assumes many of the roles that a parent would such as supervising academic performance, attendance, completion of assignments, and initiating the college prep process.  Academic Mentors meet face-to-face with their scholars a minimum of four times during the academic year and meet quarterly as a group with the Academic Chair. The Academic Mentor provides guidance to his/her scholar, communicates with the scholar’s Resident Director(s), Resident Tutors, the Academic Chair, and Radnor High School. They attend their scholar’s Back to School night and teacher conferences. Academic Mentors monitor academic progress and attendance through HAC and Schoology, and are aware of the interests, activities, and grades of their scholar.  Academic Mentors, in consultation with parents, also assist in course selection for the upcoming year.

Parents, Academic Mentors, College Advisors, and Host Family parents are encouraged to nurture open, two-way communications.  As such, personal contact information of phone numbers and email addresses will be shared between all Academic Mentors, Host Family parents, and scholar parents.