Board of Directors

2023 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Mike Blumberg– President
Michelle Wetzel – Vice President
Stacy Biscardi – Secretary
Vincent Boyd – Treasurer
Candyce Wilson – Executive Director

Committee Chairs

Deborah Lofton – Academics
Isabel Clark – Student Life
Jane Puttanniah – Marketing & Communications
Open – Fundraising
Rosalynn Cormier – Admissions and Student Selection
Laura Janson – Building and Grounds


Scott Ameen
Russlee Armstrong
Remell Chung
Gabriella Fontan-Venson
Sarah Green
Michael Homans
Edward Ruby
Caroline Stueck
Bruce Trachtenberg
Dave Webb

Mike Blumberg
Michelle Wetzel
Stacy Biscardi
Vincent Boyd
Candyce Wilson
Chris Kingsbery
Amy Wildey
Jane Puttanniah
Caroline Stueck
Caroline Stueck
Rosalynn Cormier
Laura Janson
Russlee Armstrong
Russlee Armstrong
Remell Chung
Remell Chung
Gabriella Fontan-Venson
Sarah Green
Michael Homans
Edward Ruby
Bruce Trachtenberg
Dave Webb

The Radnor A Better Chance Board Members are volunteers dedicated to ensuring that our scholars have the opportunity to receive a quality education and maintaining the program’s standard of excellence. They live in Radnor Township or the surrounding area and represent a range of social and professional backgrounds.

About the Board

The Radnor ABC Board Members have many roles including: recruiting & selecting new students, coordinating volunteers, raising funds, communicating with donors, overseeing the staff, attending parent conferences, providing rides for students when necessary, helping students navigate the college application process and maintaining the house and property. Additionally, they oversee the physical and emotional well-being of the scholars.

Interested in getting involved?

If you’re interested in joining the Radnor A Better Chance Board of Directors or volunteering, please send an email to:

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Student Life
  • Building & Grounds
  • Academics
  • Capital Campaign
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Fundraising
  • Admissions and Student Selection
  • Inclusion Equity Diversity and Acceptance (IDEA) Task Force