The Radnor A Better Chance Program (Radnor ABC) is one of the community schools within the National A Better Chance organization. Our goal is to develop leaders of tomorrow by providing students of color, who show strong academic and leadership potential and who are from underserved communities, with a home away from home while attending Radnor High School, a top-rated public high school in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

The Radnor ABC House opened its doors in 1972 after a local Wayne, Pennsylvania resident raised funds to buy and renovate a Victorian home conveniently located next to the Radnor Memorial Library on West Wayne Avenue. We are a co-educational program and can accommodate up to ten scholars. Under the nurturing care and mentoring of a Resident Director(s) and three Resident Tutors, our scholars live at the Radnor ABC House while attending Radnor High School during the academic school year.

The Radnor ABC Program provides a collaborative atmosphere, close academic support and monitoring of our scholars, as well as a wide variety of extracurricular activities. In an effort to challenge and engage our scholars, we make every attempt to design our academic support to fit each individual scholar’s needs. There is a higher level of oversight during the first and second years to help each scholar thrive academically and find their voice in this new setting. As the academic years progress, we hope our scholars develop increasing academic independence, confidence, responsibility, respect, trust and vision with the ultimate goal of readiness for college life.

Since the inception of the Radnor ABC Program, we have helped transform the lives of over 116 scholars. These academically talented scholars have graduated from Radnor High School and attended a variety of colleges and universities such as Colombia University, Gettysburg College, Hampton University, Morehouse College, Penn State University, Syracuse University, Ursinus College.

Many of the alumni credit the Radnor A Better Chance Program as the reason for their academic and career success. These scholars are a testament to the simple premise that high quality academic offerings, mentoring and a nurturing environment can lead to a better chance in life.