Radnor ABC is Hiring – Male Resident Tutor

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March 21, 2021
Radnor ABC is Hiring – Assistant Program Manager
June 22, 2021

Resident Tutor Job Description

A Better Chance — Radnor, PA

The Radnor A Better Chance Program (Radnor ABC) is one of the 20 Community Schools Programs (CSPs) within the National A Better Chance organization. Our goal is to develop leaders of tomorrow by providing students of color, who show strong academic and leadership potential and who are from underserved communities, with a home away from home while attending Radnor High School (RHS), a top-rated public high school in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

Radnor ABC is a co-educational program with ten scholars. Under the nurturing care and mentoring of our Resident Directors and three Resident Tutors, our scholars live at the Radnor ABC House while attending RHS during the academic school year.

For more information

visit http://www.radnorabc.org

Watch our video https://vimeo.com/430161946

 Resident Tutor Position Description

Radnor ABC Resident Tutors (RT) live in the Radnor ABC house with the scholars and assist the Resident Director(s) (RD), supervising evening study halls, acting as counselors and friends to the scholars, and sharing in their informal activities. The duties of the RT are varied, but their primary focus is the academic development of the scholars. RTs provide understanding and informal counseling. They provide models of success that the Scholars can emulate and must possess sufficient maturity to maintain authority during their supervision of the house. They act as intermediaries between the Scholars and Resident Director(s) and can also aid Scholars in their relationships with their teachers. The RT should be familiar with the demands and performance required at Radnor High School so that they are able to help the Scholars meet these expectations.

Responsibilities Include

  • Tutor in all academic areas. We especially need those with strong knowledge of high school math, science, writing, and Spanish.
  • Supervise and support Scholars during study hours.
  • Take an active interest in the Scholars and join with them in becoming part of a healthy household.
  • Serve as a good role model.
  • With consistent review of HAC and Schoology, maintain knowledge of which courses Scholars are taking and how they are performing in each.
  • Through study skill and note-taking instruction and supervision of Scholars, ensure Scholars are completing all homework assignments on time and prepare adequately for tests and quizzes.
  • Review Radnor High School HAC and Schoology with each Scholar.
  • on a daily basis if the Scholar is a Freshman
  • on a daily basis if the Scholar is a Sophomore, Junior or Senior with a cumulative 85.0% or lower average in their Core Classes, or less than 66.5% in any
  • once a week with Scholars achieving the minimum 85.1% cumulative average in Core Class.
  • Assist Scholars in prioritizing and organizing a Study Plan for preparing for Mid-Terms and Final Exams and all their academics.
  • Teach Scholars good organizational, note-taking and study skills.
  • Make sure Scholars are not tardy to school.
  • Assist Resident Director(s) in supervising household duties.
  • Maintain a good relationship and balance of authority with the Resident Director(s).
  • Keep Resident Director(s) and Board informed of Scholars’ progress and any potential problems (to include house behaviors and their academics).
  • Participate in and help organize recreational house activities.
  • Foster a welcoming, supportive and family-like atmosphere in the house.
  • Show interest in the Scholars’ extracurricular activities and interests by attending plays, sporting events, school functions, etc., whenever possible.
  • Maintain an appropriate standard of behavior, demonstrating a respect for the integrity of each Scholar and staff member, as well as a concern for the overall welfare of the program.

Child Abuse Reporting

Radnor ABC places the utmost value on the care of its Scholars, and as an integral part of its mission, takes allegations of abuse very seriously.  Radnor ABC’s Child Abuse Reporting Policy requires that ANY individual who comes into contact with scholars through Radnor ABC’s programming must report suspected child abuse.  Under Pennsylvania law, any person having direct contact with school children is considered a mandatory reporter and is required to report reasonable suspicion of child abuse. Therefore, as a Radnor ABC volunteer, you are a mandatory reporter and must take the Mandated Reporter Training online. The link for the training is  https://www.reportabusepa.pitt.edu. Certification must be complete by the time scholars arrive in September. Submit a certificate of completion for the training to the RABC board for filing.

Subsistence Allowance & Room and Board

This position provides a private room, board and a subsistence allowance.  Room and weeknight dinners are provided for the Resident Tutor in the Radnor ABC residence. The Resident Tutor will attend dinners with the Scholars when on study hall duty in the common dining room. Additional food will be the responsibility of the Resident Tutor.

Term of Service

Radnor ABC Board of Directors strongly encourages RTs to only apply if they can commit to volunteer for two full academic years or longer. The RT will move into the Radnor ABC residence in mid-August; scholars will arrive in middle to late August or early September.

Resident Tutors must live in the Radnor ABC residence and:

  • Attend study hall Sunday – Thursday evenings from 7:00 – 9:00 PM (on a rotating schedule, 3-4 days per week)
  • Participate in weekday dinners (6:00 – 7:00 PM).
  • House duties at least one night a week and one weekend a month, to include responsibility for all Scholars and closing of the house.
  • This position can be held with daytime employment or while attending graduate school. Jobs that do not interfere with these commitments are allowed.

 Required Education/Experience:

A Resident Tutor must be a college graduate and should possess the following skills:

  • Expertise in at least two major academic subjects
  • Background in academic subject matter/tutoring
  • Previous experience in tutoring or working with adolescents. Experience with students of color is particularly helpful.
  • Maturity and the ability to enforce house rules
  • Warmth and good interpersonal skills
  • Car, driver’s license, and clean driving record a plus
  • Interest in the development of high school students
  • Ability to communicate well with high school students
  • Ability to maintain a relationship between the Resident Director(s) and the Scholars
  • Willingness to spend afternoon and evening hours in the residence with the Scholars
  • Availability for extracurricular activities and a willingness to offer informal assistance to the Scholars
  • Patience!

We are located in Wayne, PA near the town center and the Wayne Train Station. For more information about out program, please visit: www.radnorabc.org.

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to board@radnorabc.org