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School Supplies

Pens, pencils, index cards, binders.

10 Needed$30.00

10 in stock

Saturday Morning Doughnuts

A nice treat for our scholars to wake up to every once in a while.

4 Needed$20.00

4 in stock

TI Calculator for a Freshman

From freshman to senior year, a TI-84 is an essential tool in high school math.

3 Needed$124.00

3 in stock

Broadway Philadelphia

Help the house take a trip to downtown Philadelphia to see a traveling production of one of Broadway's hits!

1 Needed$750.00

1 in stock

Yard Games/Sports Equipment for the House

A new basketball or football, giant lawn Jenga, or a good Bocci set would help us enjoy our weekends at…

3 Needed$50.00

3 in stock

Hot Chocolate for Study Hall

During the cold winter months - a trip to Starbucks right before study hall can give everyone a little pick-me-up.

5 Needed$30.00

5 in stock

ABC Camping Trip

Our annual trip to hike, roast marshmallows, curl up in sleeping bags, and stay up swapping funny stories!

1 Needed$300.00

1 in stock

LM Week Rivalry Gear

T-shirts, “Beat LM” yard signs, and outfits for the crazy days during spirit week.

10 Needed$30.00

10 in stock

Sports Team Fees/Equipment

We want our scholars to get involved in extracurricular.  Help them pay for cleats, jerseys, and team fees.  

10 Needed$80.00

10 in stock

Holiday/School Vacation Travel

Help our scholars get home for winter and spring breaks.  

8 Needed$225.00

8 in stock

Pizza Night

A little pizza goes a long way and is a favorite of our scholars as a weekend meal.

4 Needed$100.00

4 in stock

House Stuff

Light bulbs, batteries, cleaning supplies, etc. are things we always need to keep the house running.

4 Needed$50.00

4 in stock

Computer Supplies

Printer paper and ink are two things we need the most for study hall and major assignments.  

5 Needed$75.00

5 in stock

A Night at the Movies

A great weekend activity for the house!

3 Needed$100.00

3 in stock

Radnor High School Yearbook

Yearbooks for our seniors to remember their time with RHS and ABC.       

3 Needed$90.00

3 in stock

Senior Prom Expenses

Tuxedos, prom gowns, tickets, corsages, etc. Help our scholars cover the cost for this night of high school memories.

3 Needed$175.00

3 in stock