Volunteer Opportunities:

The Radnor ABC Program could not operate without the support of the whole community. We feel very fortunate to be part of such a caring community comprised of individuals, businesses and foundations who support this wonderful program. And we appreciate all our supporters who bring meals, help the students with the college-application process, drive students to area shops or the mall for clothing or school supplies or to medical appointments, as well as perform many other tasks. This program would not succeed without the generous support of our volunteers. Please take a moment to review the volunteer opportunities. If you would like to donate your time in other ways, please contact us to discuss more!

Be a Host Family

Host families

Host Families are special people with the desire and strong commitment to welcome A Better Chance Scholars into their homes as members of their families. Host familes are expected to create a safe and comfortable environment for Scholars.

Scholars face enormous pressure in their programs. They are living away from home with a group of strangers, in a community where they are perceived as outsiders. The culture of the school is very different from their city schools. The Host Families create a safe space for scholars to step away from the pressures they face daily.

Host Families should make every attempt to make scholars feel a part of their family. This means involving them in family activities, whether exciting or mundane. The Host Family provides a “home away from home” by providing their scholar with an opportunity to experience community and family activities, from chores to family and social outings.

Every scholar in the ABC House has a host family. This family is typically a member of the Radnor Community and usally has a student of the same gender, who attends Radnor High School. The ABC Scholar typically spends every other Sunday, from 1-7 pm, with their host family. It can be an enriching and rewarding experience for families and scholars alike

Current Host Families

  • Karen and Zach Conen
  • Kathy and John Dougherty
  • Elizabeth and Bill Marino
  • Mike and Julie Morris
  • Rachel and Roy Rosin
  • Karen and David Solomon
  • Caroline and Ted Stueck
  • Rachel and Marc Sule
  • Maura and Doug Wheeler

Interested in Being a Host Family?

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a host family , please contact Jennifer V. Saionz, Host Family Coordinator.

Sponsor A Sunday Dinner

Join us for Dinner!

The Sunday Dinner Program was instituted to provide meals on those Sundays where the ABC kids are not with their host family. Providing a Sunday dinner offers a great opportunity for the community to get involved with the program while providing substantial savings to the grocery budget.

There are currently 14 people at the house, 10 students and 3 tutors and 1 Resident Director who work at the house in the evenings helping the kids with their studies. Because of the number of people to cook for, the Sunday dinner sign-up is separated into 3 parts:

  1. A main course,
  2. A side dish and,
  3. A salad, rolls and dessert

Donate a Sunday dinner?
If you are interested in providing a Sunday dinner, schedule a day through http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d4da4af22a0fd0-radnor

Serving Suggestions & Requests

Main Dish: chicken, pork, beef, fish. Casseroles, stews, hot/cold sandwiches, tacos etc. They eat a lot of baked ziti, lasagna, pasta so that is not recommended.

Side Dish: Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, green beans, broccoli, mixed veggies, peas, carrots, corn, apple sauce.

Salads: Tossed garden, Caesar with or without chicken, brad/rolls.

Dessert: Ice cream, cookies, individual servings of yogurt, fruit salad.

Additional Notes

    • Please bring dinners in disposable pans. Left overs are kept by the house and enjoyed during the week.
    • Please attach your name and address to your meal donation. The students are making a great effort to send thank you notes to all volunteers.
    • Radnor ABC will provide drinks and tableware. The students will set the table and clean up after the meal.

Radnor ABC Board Committees

    • Student Activities and Student Life Committees
    • Fundraising & Marketing Committee
    • Student Selection Committee
    • Building and Grounds Committee
    • Personnel Committee
    • College Committee
    • Academic Committee
    • Financial Committee
    • Database Committee
    • Grant Writing Committee