Radnor A Better Chance is proud of its alumni and alumnae, who have gone on to attend some of the most prestigious college and universities in the country.

We now count over 100 scholars who have graduated from our program, although unfortunately our records are not complete. If you graduated from the Radnor ABC program and do not see your name listed, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Alumni and Alumnae List

ABC Student HS Grad College Attended
Gilbert Palmer 1974 St. Joseph’s University
Dawn Palmer 1974 St. Joseph’s University
Darlene Brown 1974 Unknown
Lawrence Cannady 1974 Unknown
Sam Harrison 1974 Unknown
Steven Rogers 1975 Williams College
Linda Byas 1975 Unknown
Alfred Feliciano 1975 Boston College
Steven Rodgers 1975 Williams College
Genelle Rhynehardt 1975 Unknown
Richard Robinson 1975 Villanova University
Collette Brooks 1977 University of Pennsylvania
Carol Hill 1977 Wesleyan University
Richard Crockett 1977 Unknown
Craig Guy 1977 Unknown
Kevin Washington 1977 Unknown
Robyn Simpson 1978 Unknown
Anthony Davison 1978 University of Michigan
Cassandra Hunt 1979 Unknown
Rhonda Hairston 1979 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Robert Hill 1979 College of Holy Cross
Edward Brown 1980 Unknown
Roy McCrary 1980 Unknown
Bert Venner 1981 Lafayette College
Jesse Eaton 1981 Ohio Wesleyan University
Daniel Rivera 1981 Unknown
Helen Roberts-Clark 1981 Unknown
Elmira Ross 1981 Unknown
Mark Cross 1982 Unknown
George Vega 1982 University of California  Berkley
Brian Venner 1983 Unknown
Terence Jackson 1984 LaSalle University
Kelley Jackson 1984 Unknown
Simeonia Mays 1984 Case Western University
Ralph Parker 1984 Duke University
Kenneth Ross 1984 Duquesne Universit
Pamela Wall 1984 University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Patricia Fields 1985 Unknown
Carol Ramsey 1985 Pace University
Robert Ruiz 1985 Drexel University
Vincent Fincher 1986 Unknown
Raphael Olivares 1986 Unknown
Joel Etheridge 1987 Vassar College
Rolando Figueroa 1987 Unknown
Savine Kirkland 1987 Boston College
Keith Meadows 1987 University of Massachusetts – Amherst
Teresa Myers 1987 Case Western Reserve
Shareese Devose 1988 Unknown
Brenda Garcia 1988 Babson College
German Vicente 1988 University of Rochester
Lerron Wright 1989 Georgetown University
Nkiru Gritten 1990 University of Pennsylvania
Ricardo Marquez 1990 Hobart College
Alicia Rodrigues 1990 Manhattanville College
Robert Bernard 1990 Drexel University
Anthony Moore 1990 Williams College
Jose Colon 1992 Purdue University
Yaw Asamoah-Duodu 1992 Brown University
Carlo Felicia 1992 Vassar College
Monica Kimbrough 1993 University of Virginia
Antonio Moore 1993 University of North Carolina
Victoria Ajibade 1994 SUNY Stony Brook
Atosha Barboza 1994 Rutgers University
Jennifer Moore 1995 University of Delaware
Christian Monsanto 1996 Rutgers University
Neftali Garcia 1996 SUNY Stony Brook
Oriana Izquierdo 1996 American University
William Thompson 1996 Morehouse College
Keith Harvey 1997 University of Florida
Sparkle (Escott) Moore 1998 Ohio State
Natalie (Roche) Viera 1998 Rutgers University
Qunishka Tate 1998 University of Notre Dame
Amir Bynum 1999 Boston College
Leshia Williams 2000 Hampton University
Remell Chung 2000 Duke University
Alex Breeland 2000 University of Pennsylvania
Chakese Harris 2001 Syracuse University
Archie Boone 2001 Morris Brown College
Julia F.Vilchez 2002 New York University
Joseida M.Rosario 2002 Columbia University
Jeffrey Delacruz 2002 Syracuse University
Spencer Wilkerson 2003 East Carolina University
Jennifer Santiago 2003 Fordham University
Lamont Green 2004 Bowling Green State University
Shauna D.Davis 2004 Davidson College
Darren Troche 2004 Temple University
Robert Price 2005 Columbia University
Jorge Santiago 2005 New York University
Lynetta Gary 2006 LaSalle University
Mubarak Lawrence 2006 Ursinus College
Tiffani Figuroa 2006 Georgetown University
Gabriella Fontan 2007 Temple University
Eric Contreras 2008 Parsons The New School for Design
Taylor Thomas 2008 University of South Carolina
Adriana Lozano 2009 Manhattan College
Jonathan Coleman 2009 Boston College
Dalisbeth Galve 2010 Lehigh University
Victoria David 2011 Cornell University
Joseph Rodriquez 2011 Ithaca College
Laura Okwueze 2012 Hofstra University
Eliezer Marte 2013 SUNY Albany
Melanyn Rivas 2014 College of Holy Cross
Vanessa Ramlal 2015 Syracuse University
Eryka Joseph 2015 Penn State
Jordan Coleman 2016 University of Pittsburgh
Austin Taylor 2016 Villanova University
Mariah Maynard 2017 Howard University
Nicle Aboadgye 2018 Southern Connecticut State University
Anthony Odum 2018 Hampton University
Mykael Commorto 2018 University of Southern California