KelsiRadnor A Better Chance Board Members are volunteers dedicated to ensuring that our scholars have the opportunity to receive a quality education and to maintaining the program’s standard of excellence. They live in Radnor Township or the surrounding area, and they represent a range of social and professional backgrounds.

About the Board

Radnor ABC Board Members have many roles. They select new students, coordinate volunteers, plan fund raisers, communicate with donors, and oversee the staff. They attend parent conferences, provide rides for students when necessary, and help students navigate the college application process. They also maintain the house and property and keep the students’ computer equipment running smoothly.

Join the Board or volunteer

If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors or in volunteering, please send an email to:
Dave Pelton using the contact us page on this site.

Current Board Members


  • Eric Janson – Co President, Property
  • Chris Kingsbery – Co President
  • Missy Deck – Co President
  • Laura Janson – Recording Secretary
  • Rob Murdocca – Treasurer


  • Ann Marie Bell
  • Eric Janson
  • Olivier Khalil
  • Michelle Martino
  • Jeff Moore
  • Charles Oliva
  • Dave Pelton
  • Jennifer Saionz
  • Rob Saionz
  • Birgitta Sama
  • Heather Sheehan
  • Patti Rish
  • Bruce Tractenberg
  • Amy Wildey
  • Michelle Wetzel

Radnor ABC Staff

  • Isabel Clark, Resident Director
  • Waynetta Faust, Lead Resident Tutor
  • Kelsie Canty, Resident Tutor
  • Paul Musumba, Resident Tutor

Isabel Clark, Waynetta Faust, Kelsie Canty (Paul Musumba not picture)

Board Meeting Dates


Monday August 21, 2017
Monday September 18, 2017
Monday October 16, 2017
Monday November 20, 2017
Monday December 18, 2017


Monday January 22, 2018
Monday February 12, 2018
Monday March 19, 2018
Monday April 16, 2018
Monday May 21, 2018
Monday June 11, 2018
Monday July 16, 2018