Radnor A Better Chance is one of the community schools of the National A Better Chance program. Our program is located in a 100-year-old Victorian house in the center of Wayne, Pa. next to the library. The live-in resident director and resident tutors offer academic mentoring that parents usually provide.

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All the staff are volunteers and receive room and board. The only paid employee is the part-time cook. Radnor A Better Chance program is coed and can accommodate ten students.

The girls live on the second floor of the main house with two female tutors and the boys reside in the carriage house behind the main house with two male tutors. The resident director lives in an apartment in the carriage house.

They eat together in the dining room and are together for study hall in the evenings. There are group outings and field trips with students and staff. SEI Corp. has an on-going relationship with the program, supplying academic tutors and funds for a mentoring program.

Each student has a family in the community that serves as their host family. Students visit their host family every other Sunday and share in family activities. On non host family Sundays, numerous volunteers in the community prepare dinner for students and staff and offer other kinds of material support. The board of directors are volunteers that are committed to the program. Board members attend parent conferences, make house repairs, help students with the college application process, select new students and numerous other tasks.

When our students graduate they are prepared to enter the greater community. Radnor A Better Chance students have graduated from Ohio State, American Univ., Duke Univ., Morehouse, Syracuse Univ., Temple Univ., Georgetown Univ., Columbia Univ., NYU, Williams, to name a few.

During January of each year we receive applications of prospective students from National A Better Chance. Our student selection committee carefully reviews these applications and invites students and parents for a visit. We feel meeting a student and their family gives them a chance to see our program and visit Radnor High School before we ask them to become a part of our program. Radnor High School is one of the most rigorous public schools in the country; students enter college with a clear idea of what is expected of them and the tools to complete degree programs. Go to www.rtsd.org and click Radnor High School. You can find the School Profile here: RHS School Profile

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